Thursday, September 9, 2010

Samoan friends

What in the WORLD!?!? You actually made WHITE bread ha ha jk!!! Thank you so much for the package that was some pretty good jam right there!!! It was so good with that white bread!! I shared it with some of my Samoan friends!! They are so cool!! One, elder Lokeni, used to live in American Samoa and is going to my same mission but he moved to Utah and lives in salt lake somewhere but he speaks fluent Samoan! The other, elder Penia doesn’t speak very good English but when he first got here he was almost expected to learn two languages, English and Tagalog!!! His mission is to the Philippines but he came here straight from Samoa to learn the language!!! Now he not only has to learn Tagalog but a little English here and there!! He is way cool and actually gave me an ea or lava-lava as a gift!! The Samoans are so generous and great!!! The last Samoan is the one who I am kind of closest to!!! His name is elder Lameta and he is so awesome!!! He loves my red hair and makes fun of it all the time which doesn’t bother me at all because I know he is kidding ha ha He is so great!! He is going to draw my name in my journal of elders as I like to call it where every elder I meet and get to know , signs their names with a message if they want!! It will be way sweet!! I love it though, talking to them really helps with the language!!
We are cruising now with all the language learning and stuff!!! We are learning so much I can barely handle it all!! It is so hard to learn a language and our stay is basically halfway over!!! I can’t believe it is week four already!!! It blows my mind!!! Time is flying and won’t stop soon I will be out in Samoan speaking the language ha ha!!! Like I said last week, the weeks are basically the same!! wake up, have personal study, go to breakfast, go to class or have mdt, go to gym if it is the right time, go to lunch, go back to class, go to dinner, go back to class, plan, then go to bed!! That is the basic outline of our day except Sunday, pday or when we have devotionals!!! Oh and we do service every Saturday where we clean a building by vacuuming or sweeping or wiping down mirrors and water fountains! I’m not complaining it is still a great experience. I just don't have as much new news or differences between the weeks ha!!!
Oh one thing that was way good is during personal study time they challenged us to have a study journal to write down impressions we get and thoughts that stuck out in our minds about what we are reading, so I took the challenge and bought a bigger journal than the ones you usually get and started to write in it!! Man was it amazing!! I couldn't believe what I learned and what came to me!! Just by rereading the title page and intro to the book of Mormon I wrote a two page insert in my journal with small handwriting as well!!! It blew me away what I learned and what the spirit taught me!!! I love it I want to do it every day now because even if it just a sentence it is a prompting or answer to a question you didn't know you had it was so cool!!!! I challenge all to do it because it will change the way you study!!! I love this gospel and the scriptures!!! They are so inspirational and a definite gift from God and Jesus Christ!!! I am so excited to serve!!
Oh a funny thing our whole district decided to go and sing in the choir for the devotional they had this Tuesday where Elder Snow from the seventy spoke!! it was actually way fun and they handed out these forms to fill out about singing experience and when you would be leaving whether it was after the 3rd or October or not which means......they are having an MTC men's choir for the Saturday Priesthood Conference!!! I filled one out and said how I have sang in church and other things and I guess we will see whether I go or not!! ha ha it would be cool though!!! Well not much else but I did get a haircut and it feels good!! They have a standard cut for every elder to get when you go in but I got it a little switched up so my scar doesn’t show ha ha!!!
I know this church is true!! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he did atone for our sins!!! He is the way and the truth and the light!!! Joseph Smith was a true prophet and he did translate the book of Mormon which is a true and another testament of Jesus Christ!!! We watched the Joseph Smith movie again on Sunday and I feel the spirit every time I watch, testifying of the truthfulness of him being a prophet of God!! I love and miss all of you!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

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