Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MTC Week 3

Hello everyone!!! How is everything going!!! This week went by so fast and it kind of felt like the week before!! All the weeks are kind of meshing together now ha ha but I am still learning a ton!!! I love it here!!! From last Thursday we had some way cool things told us not only in the devotionals and firesides but also on Sunday with a talk from our branch president (I hope that sentence made sense)! Oh that’s who I forgot to tell you about!! Our branch presidency is President Connors, President Muir, and President Adamson!!! They are all such way cool guys I love em to death!! President Adamson whenever I see him or anyone else in our branch he has to hug them and tells them that he loves em!! It is so awesome!!! But anyway President Connors spoke this past Sunday and in it he told how he was a convert and that when he was about 18 he started to investigate the church. He hadn't moved out yet but his friend who he grew up with gave him a book of Mormon to read when President Connors asked him a question on religion and some questions he was having. His mom walked in on him one day and asked what he was reading and he said "the book of Mormon" and she replied ummm; no you’re not and took it away!! He went back to his friend and he gave him another one and the same situation happened where his mom took it away and didn't give it back!!! This continued through about 19 or so books of Mormon, but he finally finished!! He went in and told his parents he was getting baptized his mom who is usually really loving and calm was cleaning plates by hand and she chucked it across the room at his head!!! She and his dad both said if he did then he would have to move out!!! The day of his baptism he went in dressed up and they told him if he got baptized that afterward if he would forget it all they would let him stay! Of course he said he wouldn't do that so they said well your clothes will be waiting for you on the porch!!! He still went and when he came back he walked inside fully expecting to have to go and pack himself but they were sitting there waiting for him and they asked if he really had been baptized and he said yes and they sat there and finally his dad said well the ox is in the mire I guess you can stay!!! It was an amazing story and I couldn't believe how that could happen but it does and it blows my mind!!!!
So ya our devotional speaker this week was Elder Richard G. Hinckley! It was a way cool devotional and he talked on the 9 ways a missionary can have a successful mission! It was really good to hear and see what I can improve on! I am so grateful for the opportunities to listen to these inspired people!!! We are definitely lucky to be in Utah and just down the road so they don't have to travel far to talk to us!! On Sunday for the weekly fireside we had the missionary coordinating president who oversees all the technicalities and other stuff so the mtc can run smoothly and he gave a talk on keeping focused and a lot of other good things!!!
So the language is coming along just great!!! I love it. I have the purpose memorized in Samoan and I am reading the book of Mormon or TAM in Samoan out loud so I can get talking smoothly!!! We now have a set schedule and our teachers are really great!!! We kid back and forth but also are focused and go to work!!! This week in trc which is where we do a mock proselyting situation and teach, we are supposed to meet someone and "travel" with them to church and talk about commitments all in Samoan for 15 minutes!!! It’s insane but way fun!! Then we will teach lesson two the plan of salvation for the first time!!! It will be something new!! Well like I said we are basically doing the same thing every week!! We have class almost all day and mdt a lot because the teachers can only have 20 hours a week with us while full time in school!! MDT is missionary directed time where you either do language study, lesson study, or personal and companion study!! It is good to have so I can prepare to teach with my companion and gain a better knowledge of what I need to teach and of the scriptures!!!
I am so excited to be here!! I am doing great I got a little runny nose and a small cough but I should be over it in a jiffy!! I love all of you and miss ya but I love being on my mission!!! We had the Fijians in our district leave last Saturday and we have gotten some new Fijians and today we had some new English speaking elders come in!! I know this church is true!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that he atoned for our sins and that only through him we can return and live with our Heavenly Father again!!! Joseph Smith is a true prophet and he translated the book of Mormon!!! It is the word of God and it is true!!! President Monson is a true prophet!!! I love all of you and keep strong!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

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