Friday, September 24, 2010

Less than 3 weeks left in the MTC!!!

Talofa!!! How is everyone this week?! Hopefully good!!! Well I didn't make the choir but there is no surprise there ha ha but there were three from our district who were!!! Elder Smith, singing tenor, Elder Tanielu and Elder Johnson both singing baritone!!! But ya they had more experience than me, Elder Smith and Tanielu both sang in a high school choir and Elder Johnson sang in an acappella or however you spell it group!! They are all really talented and I am excited for them to go and sing at the Priesthood Session!!! One really exciting thing that happened this week is the Gym was reopened!!!! We haven’t been able to play basketball for the whole time we have been here and they even have indoor volleyball as well!! It will be so nice on Saturday nights when we have gym really late to be able to play inside!!! There were a couple of elders in my district who have been waiting for the gym for forever!!! They were so excited!! So I am so stoked for Samoa!!! I had a dream last night where we (my district and I) were getting on the plane headed to Samoa!!! When I woke up and realized it was dream I was so mad but ya we have two days less than three weeks left in the mtc!!!! It is blowing my mind!!! The language is still not all here yet but it is still coming ha ha!!! They told us that when we get to Samoa that the language will come twice as fast!! We just get the basics here and can speak in very simple sentences but can speak it!!! It is hard and takes awhile sometimes but I gotta just keep working at it!!!
So dad I hear you are the new mission leader of the ward!! How is that coming? That is such a cool calling and very vital to the missionaries in that area!!! Help them out they need all they can get!!! You will do awesome in it I know for a fact!!! Way to be!! So is the basement getting completed!!! Gotta get it done for the football games ha ha!!! Even though byu isn't looking to hot, I heard about riley nelsen, that stinks for him!!! But oh well that gives Jake heaps a jump start!!! Hopefully they can pick it up so it can still be a good game against tcu and Utah!!
So there is really nothing new to tell ya!! I am racking my brain for something to say besides telling you that we are studying hard and working to get the language down and also learning about the culture!! Oh something I can say that I learned is to lock my stuff up after I am and done using whatever I was using!! apparently in Samoan culture they say that if you leave something out that means that you are offering them to use your stuff and sometimes indefinitely!! They don't consider it stealing it is just the Samoan way!! So I guess that little lock on my suitcase will come in handy!!! My teacher told us that he had some missionaries from Samoan lock their stuff up and warned the palagi missionaries to do the same!!! one story he told us is that there was one area where if the missionaries didn't put their stuff away that there were some kids who just came in the house and would take (borrow) whatever they wanted and most of the time not return it!!! It’s just the way over there everyone shares everything!! he told us even they will come up to you and say all this flattering stuff and then ask for like your watch or ring and you have to say that it is dear to your heart and was a gift to you so you just don't say no!!! It was crazy but it’s definitely something different! ha ha!!
We for sure have a joker and funny guy in our district, Elder Rousseau from Tridell!! He is something else!! He always has a comment for anything someone says or does!!! It is so funny some of the remarks that come out of his mouth!!! there was this one time that elder humble wanted to go to the bookstore yet again(he just wants to go so much almost every day) and he asked our district who wanted to go and we all said that he had been like ten times already that week!!! he denied but we went through and named all the days he had, Rousseau named pday and humble said "that doesn't count that's pday" and without hesitation Rousseau said, "oh your right the book store isn't the book store on pdays!!!" he didn't even crack a smile but the whole room died laughing!!! I was practically crying I was laughing so hard!!! I love it we are just stuck in a room studying and sometimes we just need to laugh and have fun!!! We still get stuff done though!!! But ya it is so fun here in the mtc we make the most out of our stay here!!!
So what is new out there in the world ha ha!! I will be out in Samoa soon but it feels like time has stopped out in the world while I am here in the mtc not knowing anything ha ha!! No I am doing great though!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it with all my heart!!! God is our loving Heavenly Father!! He gave us this opportunity to come and gain a body and become like Him if we are righteous to the end!!! He sent His Son Jesus Christ to the World so that we can be saved!!! I know that through Jesus Christ we can repent of our sins and return to live with our Heavenly Father again someday!!! I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet!!! I know he translated the Book of Mormon!!! I know it to be true!! President Monson is the living Prophet on the earth today!!! I love all of you!! You are all so special to me!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

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