Monday, August 30, 2010

Week Number Two!!

Hey how is everyone doing?!!! Well to start this email off I just have to say that this Tuesday I had an awesome experience!!! Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke to us for our Tuesday night devo!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! The spirit was so strong when he spoke and what he spoke about was so great!!! I wrote at least 4 or so pages of notes for his talk I just could not stop writing!! At the beginning he started saying that he wanted his talk to be like he was speaking to each and every one of us personally!!! Then as he went into it he kept saying to not miss this opportunity to serve!! He said that it only comes once and to give everything you have to the Lord!!! He also said about how the title of the book is Preach MY Gospel not anyone else's that means that you do it how he designed for us to do it and we will be blessed!!! He also said that the title really isn't complete because the scripture continues on saying that we should "preach my gospel by the spirit" Those words are so important as we teach!! He said so much stuff that I can't even write it all!!! I will write a letter with some more quotes from him it was just an amazing experience to have him come and we were actually pretty close!! Oh one more thing he said was to dedicate every minute to the Lord because we are set apart for His work to preach His gospel!!
Well now I will move on to what else has happened this week, from last Thursday I started to play some soccer and it hasn't been too bad except for the fact that I am basically way out of shape and the food here isn't helping with all the sitting around ha ha ya so what is new up north?? how is everyone? I gotta get some news on like byu football and stuff happening. We don't hear anything happening here but that is probably a good thing!! but I still want to here some stuff!! Thanks for the updates mom on what's happening I still haven't received anything from dad or anyone else besides Jason and Rachael and Seneca whats the matter??? ha ha jk everyone is probably busy and I guess I haven't written to anyone myself but all my brothers and sisters should expect a letter from me if not than it got lost in the mail!! ha ha jk but ya so a funny story is we had a fireside on Monday and it was the missionary coordinating president or something his name is President Stephen B. Allen and he spoke on the four phases that a missionary goes through while at the mtc and on the mission. It was really good and I learned a lot but he was telling the story of ammon being offered one of king Lamoni's daughter and he declined and he made an analogy of president Obama offering one of his daughters but than he was like 'well he isn't lds, at least not yet' then he said the funniest thing, he quoted a scripture saying "well I guess in the end every knee shall bow and every tongue confess" then he paused and I busted up laughing i thought it was hilarious but not many others laughed!!!! I couldn't believe it all around me people were just surprised and I thought it was so so funny!! ya I still laugh to this day ha ha!!!! so ya those were our speakers this week.
The language is coming along just fine, slowly but fine it just takes steps ya gotta get vocab down then ya move on to sentence structure and speaking it out loud!! It takes time but we are only two weeks into it!! But this Saturday we have this trc thing where you and your companion teach a discussion to a mock investigator but for the first 15 min you have to say everything in Samoan and then teach the lesson in English!! It sounds pretty hard and it will be but we can do it! I believe in us!!! But ya also with all the studying I am learning so much I can hardly believe it is so awesome here I love it!!! There could not be a single place anywhere else I would want to be!!! I love all of you guys so very much and miss all of you!! I know this gospel is true and that Jesus is the Christ!! He atoned for all the sins of the world that by him and through Him everyone can be saved and return to our loving Heavenly Father!!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated the Book of Mormon or o le tusi a Mamona which is another testament of Jesus Christ!!! I know that President Monson is our prophet today and that he has the power and authority to act in God's name and that he leads and guides us today!!! I love this gospel every single bit of it!!! It is so true and I know that for a fact!!! I am so excited to serve and can't wait for Samoa Keep Strong Everybody!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker
ps expect a tape sometime this month or the next

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Week!

MALO SOUIFUA!!!!!! Hey how is everyone doing?!! Hopefully all is going well sounds like you guys are keeping busy!! As for me i am almost exhausted everyday both physically and spiritually!! It an awesome experience here in the MTC!!! I love it! Thanks for all the DearElders mom you are great ha ha!! Ya thursday is our pday so don't expect email till then and mail can only be sent today as well! I am alive and surviving ha ha! My first companion's name is Elder Nilsen and he is from denver, colorado! He went to usu this past year and played on the college lacrosse team he is way cool!! My district is definitely the best around ha ha we have the coolest elders and we even have a solo sister in our group! There our eleven of us total all learning samoan and all going to samoa except for the solo sister, Sister Fu'e is going to the Aukland New Zealan mission samoan speaking! The names of the elders in our district are Elder Smith and Elder Gschwend, Elder Rodgers and Elder Johnson, Elder Payne and Elder Rousseau, and Elder Tanielu and Elder Humble (these last two are my other roommates)!! We all have already formed a really close bond and we are already good friends!!! Now to answering some of your questions... First of all yes i have seen cory and it was a very pleasant meeting! It was the drop off day and i was walking with my comp to the next meeting and all of the sudden i heard his fast footsteps and i turned and he like jumped kicked me in the stomach then hugged me!!! It was nuts ha ha!!! :) i was so surprised it was like not even an hour or so since i had been there and i see him first ha ha!! I have seen so many college people and also other vernal people here it is crazy!! all of the elders in my district make fun of how many people i know!! i think they are just jealous ha ha jk but ya i have seen cory only one other time we have different eating times and stuff but probably every sunday i might see him on the temple walk we get to do every week!!! Ya the food wow it is definitely not the best but it is still pretty good! since i have been here i think i have gained almost ten or so pounds!!! it is nuts! i feel so fat ha ha! but ya also with gym time the inside gym is closed till the end of august to put in new bleachers but thats ok i like being outside, but no one wants to play soccer!! it really stinks! they only think volleyball is the only fun thing to do so it is like 7 on 1 because i can convice some but not all ha ha!! they are just so indicicive jk but really! today we are going to do a session in the temple at around 3 or so so that should be good!! we have already locked ourselves out of our room once already but we got a key and its all good! the language wow..... it is something else i can say some stuff already but for only a week we are doing pretty good!!! there are some pretty neat rules like there cant be two constanants together in a word and every word has to end in a vowel!!! ya the vocab is kind of hard to remember!! the second to last vowel in most words has to be said more profound... i guess i can't really think of the word but ya and any "g" in a word is pronounced like the ending of the word "song" with the "n" in front it is just really hard to get right but ill get it eventually!! we have only had one general authourity Elder Walter F. Gonzalez from the presidency of the seventy!! he did a way good job i loved it! we have a devotional every tuesday and a fireside every sunday night!! I love listening to them they know so much and it is just so awesome!!! i have learned so many things i cannot even say it all!! PMG is so important in missionary work! we study out of it everyday and take it to almost every meeting!! i started over in the book of mormon and have learned like twice as many things as before already!!! you only get 30 min on the computer email so i gotta hurry i only have six minutes left!!! umm.... thanks again for all the letters and thanks jason for the emails!! I love all of you!! I know this is the only one and true gospel!!! Jesus is the Christ and he Atoned for our sins and that he knows our troubles and will answer our prayers!! Pray has a whole new meaning on the mission!! In class Sister Fu'e pointed something out that everytime in the temple when they say the prayer they pray for the missionaries worldwide and that is so sweet and awesome!!! that right there just got to me!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated the book of Mormon!!! President Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today and he receives modern day revalation!!! I love all of you and i will write a letter with more stuff in it home today!! thanks for everything i was definitely raised in a grand family!!! Hope the house comes along great keep me updated!!! Have a great week and ill talk to ya later
Love your son, brother, and friend
Elder Cody John Walker