Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody Dec. 28, 2010

Talofa Lava!!! O a mai outou?? Hey everybody how are you all doing? Hopefully all is well and Christmas was awesome!! It sure was great for me and being able to talk to everybody on the phone that was way cool and I loved it!! It’s too bad it couldn't be longer it seemed too short to me!! I wanted to just keep talking but it is still only about five months till mother's day ha ha!!! I didn't email yesterday because all the email places were closed!! If a holiday falls on a weekend than the next Monday is when the holiday is observed and everything is closed in town and stuff so that’s what happened yesterday!! Weird thing is all the stores and restaurants were open and ready to accept business just the things that were closed were the things important on pday ha ha!!!
Anyway this week was just a week of everyone being busy!!! Oh first I want to thank everyone for the packages and the cards and letters!!! All is so awesome and it made the Christmas away from home and in the mission so much better!!! I love you all and am kind of in a rush today so the email won’t be long!!! Sorry just next week it will be longer!! Oh I am being transferred to Lemoli in the same zone so no big move really and it will be fun because I know some people there and they are all really nice!! Hopefully I can help the work keep moving on there and everything!! I will have elder Asuafi from Lotopa in Samoa as a comp and he is really cool and can speak alright English but he will help out a lot with my Samoan and stuff so I am excited for that!! It will be my first transfer and it will be fun!! Oh a surprising thing I just found out is I lost 10 pounds in like two or three weeks!! That is so crazy it’s because I got sick and it wasn't good but I hopefully will gain it back and be good. I will be walking in my new area so I will be getting some exercise!!! It’s a good area and I am ready to do what I can and get the language down better!!! I will miss Aleisa but all will be good I have friends there and all ended well with my soa and the people. I got to get going just updating you for now!! Keep me posted and up to date!!
I love you all!! oute alofa tele ia te outou!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it is lead by a prophet today president Thomas S. Monson!!! I know the book of Mormon is true!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that through His atonement we can repent and live together forever someday!! right Tori, just like the Forgotten Carols, "We can be together forever someday!!!" Thanks for everything!! Keep strong and do what is right!! I love you all!!
Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manuia le Kirisimas!

Manuia Lo Outou Kerisimasi!! December 20, 2010
Manuia Lo Outou Kerisimasi ma lo Outou Tausaga Fou!!!!!! Hey everybody!! O a mai outou?!? How is everyone doing?? Happy Birthday to Seneca yesterday! Hope it was good!! How is the Christmas season this year? Is the house all decorated and ready? How’s the weather, really cold I bet!! It’s still just as sunny and hot over here as ever!!! It’s crazy though, it just doesn't feel like Christmas with no snow and I am sweating everyday and driving with the ac on all the time ha ha!!! Oh well ill get used to it I know!! So any new news, I know I ask this every time but just wondering ha ha!!! This week has been pretty busy with everything!! On Tuesday we were able to meet with Renata and teach her some more and get her date set for her tusiga faaipoipoiga (wedding papers) so then after two weeks she can get married and baptized!!! It should happen this Wednesday we are hoping!! She tells us every time how she has a testimony ever since she was young but her father never approved and wanted her to be baptized!! She used to go to the lds church school in pesega and got close to being baptized but when her father found out he transferred her to a different religion school!! She has taken lessons before but missionaries get transferred and stuff happens so we are here to finish it and help her complete her baptism but first she needs to start going to church!!! But she said she would, she just had a baby so it is getting strong enough now so that’s great!!! She can speak English and wants to hear the lessons and stuff in English so it is a great investigator for me (like Joanne was but she moved, but good news the elders in Apia are teaching her and she is being at their lessons and stuff)!!
Another great investigator is Makerita in the same ward!! She is also accepting the lessons and we are trying to get her and her husbands tusiga faaipoipoiga done as well on Wednesday!!! Hopefully the stake president and all of that works out!!! They are both progressing so well and we are working well with each!!! They both ask really good questions and love hearing about it!! It’s too bad their husbands aren’t the ones who get them to church and help them but we are hoping the baptisms of their wives will get them reactivated!! We also just started on another girl in Leauvaa named Safaira and she needs to get married as well but they don't have the money for the tusiga faaipoipoiga!! Also she wants to hear the lessons, so we are starting tomorrow morning at nine!! she also has a kid, one years old, and she is 17 years old herself, but that as you can see happens a lot here but all good since they are accepting the gospel and being baptized!!
On Thursday we had the mission Christmas party and it was amazing!!! All the elders came over from Savaii and all the elders and sisters from Upolu also were there!!! It was amazing and so much fun!! We had a little spiritual program that president and sister Haleck got put together and it was great!! Then they fed us and gave us all gifts!! We all received a personalized letter thing with a flashlight and pen and the best is a DVD of the mission like an hour long it was great!!! It was fun to see some people from Savaii and have a lot of people together!! Then afterwards we went on a super long drive around the whole island basically and it was fun with our whole zone!!! I don't know quite what the plan is for us missionaries on Christmas day but it should be fun either way!!
I am doing great the people are great and our companionship is doing a whole lot better!!! My zone is the top!! I know this church is true! I know it is lead by a prophet of God, Pres. Thomas S. Monson!!! I know my Savior lives!!! I know He atoned for all of our sins!!! I know the book of Mormon is the word of God!!! I love you all!! oute alofa ia te outou!!! I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas day that should be so much fun!!! keep strong and faithful and have a great Christmas season and a happy new year!!! love ya!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010
Malo Lava le Soifua Manuia ma le Lagi Mama!!!!! O a mai outou? How are you all doing this great day huh? What’s up, what’s new? Any new news or anything? I love hearing the news about everybody its fun to hear and know what’s happening!! Thanks for all the emails and letters they are great!!!
To start off this week we had a four zone conference and we had Elder Hamula, the presiding Seventy come and talk to us with others!!! It was great and all the speakers were good!! It was all in English so the Samoan elders who couldn't understand had headsets so they could hear the translation!!! It was such a great conference Elder Hamula spoke on listening to the spirit and keeping ourselves tuned by keeping the rules and also hearkening so we can have its help and guidance as we teach and study!! it is always a question that missionaries have and I think about if I have the spirit with me, but as a talk I can remember from Elder Bednar, a replay we watched in the mtc, is not to worry but just do what I am supposed to and I will have the spirit!! All of the speakers spoke on the same thing with no, umm what do you call it, no talking about it earlier with one another, I guess!! They all just wrote what they thought should be talked about separately and it ended up being the same!!!! It was definitely a sign of importance for the topic and also of the guidance and knowing of what is needed to be worked on and is important for missionary work!! He and the other speakers along with my mission president are all inspired men called of God for their callings and assignments!!! It was great and a privilege to have them speak and to be there!!!
So this week has been a tough one and a lot of a talking and getting things taken care of!! There are people in Aleisa prepared to hear the gospel from us and I am trying to talk to my soa (companion) about that. I just need to keep trying to do my best and the Lord will help me!! I went on another split on Saturday night and all day Sunday and Sunday night till this morning with Ualotu and it was fun again.
On Saturday I had another opportunity to do three more baptisms for the sisters in si'usega again!!! They sure are getting a lot and they are all from the same house which is great!!! They spend quite a bit of time there, but the people have testimonies, from what my soa says, and they know it’s true!!! I love baptizing people, it is such a blessing and I am grateful for the opportunity!!! This time it was the parents of some earlier baptisms and also one of their daughters, I am pretty sure the last unbaptized one from their family!!! It was so great now all of them are members in the church and from what I hear and see doing well!!! The mission is so great!!! I really do love it here!!! I will get things worked out with my soa and all will be good!!! I know the Lord will help me as I strive to be a peacemaker and help out as much as possible!!! I love being in Samoa!! The people are great and I am here for a reason and I just need to find the people!!! We had a great visit on Wednesday with Renata again and we both bore our testimonies in English and got a date set for her papers for marriage!!! Then she wants to be baptized!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it is led by a prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson!!! I know Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God and that he did restore the church and translate the Book of Mormon!!! I know the book of Mormon to be the word of God!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did atone and die for all of our sins and pains, and weaknesses!!!! I know that through the atonement we can all return to our loving Heavenly Father someday!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa atu ia te outou!!!!! keep strong and keep me posted!!!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Talofa Lava!!! What’s new everybody? Any new news?? How’s the baby doing? Keep me posted on Tyler, Ross, and Cory please!!! Thanks for all the emails and letters everybody!!! I love you all!!
Well this week has been a week of splits for me!! It all started Monday (aso gafua) night when I was put on what I thought was just a split for that night but ended up being a split for all of Tuesday (aso lua) as well!! It surprised me but was all good I liked being with elder Ualotu, he is a funny guy and actually very motivated!! He is really nice to me now and wants to help with my Samoan so we can talk more than just his English which is limited like my Samoan!!! It’s great; I am the only palagi in my entire zone!! All of the Samoans are really cool and want to help, along with elder Teaupa and my comp (who is Samoan)!! Anyway I went with Ualotu all day Tuesday and went around his area, Lepale, while my comp and elder Vili (elder Ualotu's comp) went and did some stuff. While I was with elder Ualotu, we stopped at this one house and the family's last name is guess what... Walker!!! It was crazy I didn't expect to find a Samoan family with the last name of walker I couldn't believe it!!!
Then after that, on Wednesday (aso lulu) I was put on a split again this time in Lemoli with elders Asuafi and Tui!! It was another great day except for the fact that I had drunk some bad water we figured out and I was super sick and not liking life for the day!! Oh well all of these experiences are for a reason ha ha!! We were walking the whole day and it was an overcast humid day and I was sick and sweating so bad it was dripping off my face just standing it was crazy!!! There was one place that we went and visited that took I think almost an hour to walk through paths I would have gotten lost on if I was by myself through trees and bushes!! It was fun though because they were cool and tried to help me in fact they gave me a blessing before the big long walk and I was better by the next day it was great!!! I know and believe in the power of the priesthood that’s for sure!!! I came back after that long walk and got back to Lemoli around six and I slept till eight and didn't eat or anything and I felt a lot better!!! It also gave me time that night to write in my journal and catch up on that!!
Anyway, the next day we did another zone blitz, this time in Lepale for the fireside that Saturday!! After the zone meeting I went with the bishop and the first counselor (fesoasoani muamua) and we went to three houses and were done, the area is widespread with very few houses!!! Then we all came back and reported!! We were fed by some ward members, which is really nice and then went to returning people to their areas. The next day Friday (aso falaile) I went on the final split for the week in Lemoli again with Elders Ualotu ma Asuafi! It was another great time all of us get along and we had fun together!!! We went to visit that family that was far away again and this time as we were walking it poured rain!!! Thank goodness for my waterproof backpack!!! I didn't get a drop inside to get anything wet but the rest of my body was completely soaked!!! It was so crazy!! We tried to block it at first and get under some trees but there was no getting out of it so we just walked and got wet!!! It was way fun though and I had a good time!!! We stayed there a while and watched Joy to the World the Christmas movie and they fed us quite a lot of food, they just kept it coming!!! These people will feed you until you leave because it is just respect for the faifeaus (missionaries)!! One time they brought oka (raw fish) and I actually liked it!! I am becoming more and more acquainted with this food which is good!! Then came that night, we moekasi (slept our whole zone) in Lotopa for the service project the next day!! But before we were treated by going to the Christmas party one of the wards had in Lotopa!! There was dancing with music and a live dj there!! It was such a great time and moms came and asked the elders to dance, especially the one palagi in the whole room, ME!!!! I couldn't believe how many times I got asked but it was so much fun and everybody just laughed!!!
The next day was the service project and we weed-eated a lawn about as big as the back part in Vernal (maybe even more) but it was good work and great to unify our zone!!! The lawnmower was broken by the bishop pulling the cord too hard and breaking it in half. ha ha!!! I had to be the one to start all the weedeaters because the others didn't understand what was wrong and how to use the choke and prime and stuff!!! Oh well it was great though!! That night was the fireside in Lepale and it was an awesome one with a lot of preparation and great classes!! It was on the second lesson, the plan of salvation with different rooms being the latter part of the plan past earth life!!! It was great and they had about ten investigators show up!! On Sunday we went to Aleisa muamua ward (first ward) and had a good time there!! Then we ate at the stake president's house. We hopefully will get some proselyting in our own area this week. My comp and I are working to catch up to where we should be!!! Hopefully it’s not too busy again!!! The language is coming more and more everyday especially with the help of everyone in my zone and the people here!!! I love just talking and no one cares if I mess up and everyone laughs, including me!!! I know this church is true!! I know it is led by a living prophet (perofeta soifua) President Thomas S. Monson!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!! thanks for everything!! keep strong and keep working hard!!! I know this is where I am supposed to be and would not want to be anywhere else!!! Remember the true meaning of Christmas!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, November 29, 2010



Talofa!!!! Malo Soifua!!!! I heard about byu losing. That stinks really bad but I guess it was a good game anyway!!! Utah got lucky, but I am here and don't care too much ha ha!!! What else is new how is everyone doing?? Hopefully all is still good and going great!! How is the snow and the cold weather?? I won’t have that for two years ha ha!!!
It has been an extra crazy week for me!!! to start off on Monday for pday we drove around basically the whole island!! it was cool and sweet to see all the different places and the other parts of the island of Upolu!!! we went all the way to where the tsunami happened and saw all of that and it was interesting and sad to see the damage!! Apparently elder Miller lost everything and he had only been on the mission for about three weeks and then had to start all over with all his stuff!!! That would stink really bad that’s all I can say!!! Anyway so after that whole trip we were headed home when all of the sudden Miller got a call and found out he was being transferred to American Samoa the next day and the elder there was coming to be my follow up trainer!!! It was so surprising and very last minute!!! We were going to the temple the next day so he had to pack that night and have all his stuff ready to leave the next day!!! We had a cool family home evening that night with the sisters in Lotopa by the way and it was game night so that was fun ha ha!!! But anyways we all moekasi that night (slept together) and then left the next morning by eight to get to the temple by nine!!! The temple is so beautiful and amazing here in Samoa!!!!! I didn’t understand a lot of what was being said besides remembering what would be said in English!!!! it was so cool though!!! it is so....just amazing!!! Then came the time for the switch after a dentist appt for new elders and other things!!!! My new soa(companion) is Elder Davidson!!! He is also from utah but was originally born in Tutuila and lived there for only two years, so he doesn't remember anything!!! He is way cool and is helping me a lot with language already!! It took awhile to get used to the switch and how he is. We had some disagreements, but we talked it over and now all is cool!!! We have been way busy this week so it is just so crazy!!! We only made it to three of the fafagas this week and we felt bad, but my comp had all these meetings and so many other things since he was new!!!
One of the days, I went on a transfer with elder Vili in our zone in Lepale and we walked and rode bikes so that was good!!! I haven't changed weight wise which is surprising since I am riding in a car the whole time!!! On Thursday we had our zone meeting and then we did a zone blitz which is where all of our zone went around Lotopa, the sisters’ area, and found people to invite to the fireside that was that Saturday!!! It was really fun and way cool to do!!! They are really pushing for firesides!!! It helps get the members and the investigators in the same place so it is actually a way good thing to have!!! Then we all ate at the bishops who owns McDonalds or manages it I mean. He got us all double quarter pounder meals, which was super nice!!! We have moekasi almost every night and finally slept in Aleisa on Saturday night!!! It’s been fun but tiring as well with all these things to do!!! My comp did some more interviews for sisters on Friday in Siusega and I was able to baptize the two young guys on Saturday!!! It was fun and always a blessing!!! Then came Saturday night the fireside!!! It was so prepared for and announced to everyone we found but the sad thing is only one investigator showed up!!!! What a bummer, we did all this preparing and all we could, but one is better than none!!! If that one gets baptized and felt the spirit at that fireside than it was all worth it right!!!!
Anyway the next day was aso sapati (Sunday, the Sabbath) and we went to Leauva'a again!!! Then we went to Mariana’s house for our fafaga and had an awesome one by the way!!! It was a crazy week and we didn't do much in Aleisa but we got things settled and now can begin to work and get stuff going again!! Anyway that was a lot of stuff that happened and now my soa is getting used to the roads and we are accomplishing a lot and he is getting familiar with the area, so all is good!!! I love you all!! I know this church is true and that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know that we have a true and living prophet on the earth today!!! mom thanks for the ensign!!! the conference talks are great. The ones to Samoa are on backorder so I am the only one with an issue!!! keep strong and keep me updated!!! you guys are the best!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!!! (I love you).
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Malo Soifua!!

MALO SOIFUA!! (Congratulations on living!! -- a common Samoan greeting.) 11/22/10

Malo soifua!! Manuia outou? Hopefully all is good and well there!!! So it’s a boy for Bryan and Jesenia eh!?!? I knew it ha ha I guessed it right but I really only had a 50/50 chance right? No I’m joking but really that is so awesome!!! Oh and baby Alyssa is so cute too thanks for the pix they were great!!! It sounds like all is good with that!!! I am so excited to see these new babies!! It is so great!!! What’s new out there?? Anything else that I haven't heard of yet ha ha!! Thanks for the letters and emails they are great!!! So anyway this past week we have been pretty busy!!! We baptized Manoa on Saturday and it was so amazing!!! She is such a wonderful person and progressed very fast to be ready to be baptized!!! A family member of the family she is living with baptized her and my comp and I stood in for the confirmation on Sunday!!! It was great and she was so happy!!! It was just an all around great experience!!! Oh and it is so frustrating though, we cannot find Joanne for the life of us!!! Ever since that email I sent talking about her we have tried to visit at least twenty or so times with no success we have not heard of her or anything it is like she disappeared!!! It’s frustrating but we are praying and hoping to find her soon!!
Also we have had two other experiences which are very surprising for me but common I guess!! Two girls we are teaching, Apaula and Mataiva, live with two separate families but for some reason or another they did something to anger the family they are living with and the families kicked them out to some other family near town for both of them!!! We went and talked to the family that was housing Mataiva and they said that she didn't finish making the koko Samoa so they told her to find another place to live!!! My comp got frustrated and said if we would have known we would have bought a ton of koko and brought it to her just so we could keep in contact with mataiva!!!! She was progressing but now is gone until we can find her or if she comes back!!! We are just hoping that we can get talking with the families and somehow let them come back!!! It surprised me to hear it but my comp says it happens more than I know!!! A big downside is both are member families and they can't seem to understand the importance of what we are doing in helping them come unto Christ and be baptized in His name and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! Anyways that was the downside of the week with the upside being Manoa's baptism!!!! I love being here in Samoa and most of the people are great but sometimes they can be stubborn and not helpful at all!!! We had pday at Mariana’s house with one other zone and they fed us and we played volipolo (volleyball) and it was a lot of fun!!!
Oh a great thing that the mission has given us and has worked pretty well is the movie the Restoration in Samoan!!! We have shown it three times and each time the spirit has been super strong and has touched the hearts of the people watching it!!! One such example is Renata and a girl that works at her house Lani. Renata's husband is a member, but is inactive(happens all the time) and we gave her a blessing and she said she wanted to be baptized but she has to take the lessons and be married first so we are working on that right now!! Her marriage is planned sometime around New Years!!! But the other girl her age about 20 or so and Lani watched the movie as well and loved it. She was crying halfway through especially at the first vision part!!! It was so great and we bore our testimony and said we would come back and teach more and she said yes!!! It is so great and the spirit can help so much!!! I love being here and sharing the gospel with the people here!!! They are so humble and give us all they can at our fafaga's!!! Here is a little about the food we have eaten pig, cow, chicken(all the time), a potato like food called talo, soup, fish( I actually enjoy eating it, except the raw stuff I will have to get used to), rice, fried chicken, sausage, eggs, canned spaghetti, toast, and so much more ha ha!!! I have pictures I will send soon!!! Anyway I know this church is true and that it is led by a prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson!! I know that Jesus is the Christ and He atoned for our sins!!! I know Joseph Smith restored the church to its fullness and that he is a prophet of God!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God!!! I love serving a mission it is so great!!! I love you all!!! Ou te alofa ia te outou!!!!!! Keep strong!!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Friday, November 19, 2010



Talofa Lava ma Malo Soifua!!! What's up everybody?? Is everything still doing great? I sure hope so!! How’s baby Alyssa doing?? I’m glad everything worked out with the surgery and all with Rachael!! So what’s the news with the baby, Bryan and Jesenia?!? I am excited to hear!! Looks like I am going to miss Thanksgiving just like everyone else out of the US ha ha! I just realized that when I asked my comp and he said they have no need for the holiday since it all happened in America, I felt kind of dumb for a little bit!! My comp and two others from my mtc district will celebrate it though in American Samoa lucky them!!
Anyway this week, some surprising things happened!! But first on Tuesday we had a full day of appointments and back up plans with no going into town for once!!! It was so great, we just planned all these people and went and visited them it was great!! One of them was Manoa and she is still doing great and is excited to be baptized!!! We also started lessons with two other girls in a house in Aleisa first ward and a kid who lives there is sitting in because he wants to see how the lessons are taught because he is planning to serve a mission as well!! It is a really cool family and the two girls asked a lot of questions which my comp was able to answer. It still frustrates me not being able to hear and understand what people are saying fully, I get the jest of it sometimes but the people for the most part ignore me and what I try to say and listen more intently to my comp. But as long as I keep trying I will get there!! Anyways it was a great lesson and one of the girls and the boy took notes and wrote down a lot of facts!! It was very interesting to see that, but was really good!!! There is also another girl, Mativa, who we have taught the first lesson who is progressing very well and acts interested and wants us to keep coming. It just is hard to teach sometimes because she is very quiet as long as the lady of the house where we teach her is there. She is a member, but I think she intimidates her because when she left for a couple of minutes, Mataiva opened up and started asking questions and we got to know her more!! For the most part we like having members, but in Samoa the way the culture is and who is in charge, the people are sometimes scared into being baptized, which isn't the right way, so when we can speak just to the investigator and come to know them, it is even better!! For the most part though it works that the investigator does want to be baptized and everyone is happy which is great!!! A really great thing that happened on Saturday is Elder Teaupa and Elder Asuafi had some baptisms that afternoon, so we went and talked to Mataiva and she said she wanted to come and also another of the two girls there, who both live really close!! They are all not members and it was great because they all came and loved the baptism and said they felt really good!!! I love being on the mission and seeing how the spirit works on people and how they come to know of the truth for themselves!!!
Now for the two surprising things!! First was on Thursday, we were tracting and we walked towards someone’s house which we had been to before and nothing had happened, but as we stopped right at the door, out of nowhere a dog came and started attacking me!!!! It bit my left leg above the knee, luckily didn't catch any skin, and then bit my knee full on and sunk its tooth into my leg a little right below the knee!!!!! Instantly I grabbed its head somehow after that and just squeezed as hard as I could and the owner came and grabbed it apologizing again and again for what had happened!!! I just stood there surprised and amazed at what just happened!!!! It was crazy!! My adrenaline was going so fast I didn't really feel much pain but knew I was bleeding a little!! We finished the visit and continued on, I looked at my knee where the dog had bit it and we did two more visits, then I cleaned it and now it’s all good but it was something else!!! Dogs really do not like missionaries ha ha!!! Then came Friday night!! There apparently was a flu virus of some sort going around and I happened to catch it!! I had a splitting headache all night with fever and chills and slept I think like 4 or 5 hours that night!!! It was crazy I could barely stand I was shivering so bad!! But after that and getting to travel and sleep a little during the next day I was good by Sunday!!! Just a day fever and temp of 100.5 or so and I am just grand now!!! It was so nuts!!! Now everything is good and Sunday was great except for some reason if the water isn't working at the chapel, there is only sacrament meeting and nothing else!! So that is what happened and then we went to the rest of a different ward!!!
I love being on a mission the experiences are great and I will remember them forever!!! I love you all!! I know this church is true!!! We are having people ask for Book of Mormons!!! It’s so great!!! I know that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know He atoned for all of our sins!!! Ou te alofa ia te outou!!! Keep strong!!
Love ya, Cody

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mission Conference!

Malo Soifua!!!! O a mai outou??? How is everyone doing?? Hopefully all is well and great with everything!!! I read the email really quickly and saw some news in there!! Thank goodness for a win for BYU finally. Hopefully we can play well against Utah ha ha!!! Anyways this week was another week of riding around and picking people up and doing errands!!! We got two new elders one from Savaii, elder Vili, and one from Tutuila, they are going to go into an area Lepale and do what they can for a time!!! President Haleck wants them to get twelve new baptisms done in the area and then he is going to close it again because the work is so small it is will be covered by the Faleasi'u elders who are elder Teaupa and his new comp elder Asuafi!! Elder Hayden was sent to Savaii for the first time in his mission and elder Teaupa is training again once more before the end of his mission!!! So now with Hayden gone it is only elder Miller and I who are palagi's in our zone ha ha!!! Oh well its cool!! The Samoan people are so great!!!
On Monday we had a fhe at a member's house-- Mariana and her whole family or relatives live like right next to her. It is a huge family and is its own little community!!! It was way fun and there were a lot of great messages and fun things happening!! They had dances and I videotaped some of them on my camera so that should be cool for you to see!!! Then elder miller and I did a little skit with doing a little mind trick and they all liked it a lot ha ha it was way fun!! In that family a girl just moved in, her name is Manoa and she is not a member. She has been going to church and everything but has never been taught!! So we started teaching her the lessons and Mariana has been to almost every single one to support and give input so that is always good!! Plus just yesterday we asked Manoa if she could prepare to be baptized on the 20 of November and she accepted!!!! She has been really receptive to the lessons and is keeping the commitments and is learning so fast!!! She wants to be baptized and that is so great!! She was definitely ready to hear the gospel!! Also another great thing is we were at the fhe and were called afterwards to go give a blessing to an investigator Renata. When we got there we explained what a priesthood blessing was and then my comp gave her the blessing!!! Right after she said I want to be baptized!!! It was amazing and during the blessing a nonmember friend was crying so I think we will be able to teach her too!!! The Lord moves and acts in ways we can’t even imagine!!! The spirit was so strong and she was so ready, she just needed another witness or proof!!! First we need to get her married to her husband who has been baptized but is less active, then we can baptize her!!! It is so great I love being here!!
We had our first mission conference and President Haleck came and taught us in Aleisa!! There were three zones in attendance and we had three classes we went to, one taught by my comp and elder teaupa!! So ya and we also had interviews with President Haleck and were taught by the aps and were reminded of our goal for the year!! It has been a learning week that’s for sure, lots of things taught!! Also on Sunday we had stake conference for Aleisa and President and Sister Haleck came and taught there as well!!! It is still hard for me to understand almost all of it, but I am trying my best!!! I had the great opportunity again on Saturday to do some baptisms for the sisters!! 6 total together it was a great experience!!! The people were so happy and one older guy was crying and so excited to be having this happen to him!! The change brought in people’s lives is something else when it is witnessed firsthand!!! I love being on a mission!!! I want to do the best I can!!! The language is coming and I am learning each day more and more things!!! It is so great and a testimony builder for me and the people I try to communicate and teach with!! My comp is a great helper and we are doing the best we can in the big area we have!!! All is still going well!!! I need to get exercising and walking though the car is making me fat no ha ha but really!!! I know this church is true with all my heart!!! It was restored by a true prophet Joseph Smith in its fullness!!! I know that Joseph Smith translated the book of Mormon and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ!! Jesus is our savior and redeemer and through Him and His atonement we can live together forever!!! I know President Monson is a true prophet today and leads and guides the church!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!! thanks for all the support and love!!! keep strong!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, November 1, 2010

First Baptisms and My House in Samoa


Malo Soifua!!!!! How is everyone this week? Anything new yet? Any new news? Have Jason and Rachael named the baby yet??? ha ha jk but really! When will I know whether it’s a boy or girl for Bryan and Jesenia?!? What is up with the house now anything new?? Keep me posted as much as possible the wait for mail is about two weeks I think or something like that!
But ya so this week has been another busy one but not necessarily all with teaching but running errands with the car!! On Thursday we just ran around for the office and for other things which are important, but I wish it wasn’t like that, but with my comp being the zl and having the car we are over our whole zone and stuff!! so ya sometimes it will happen but we just have to do the best we can with the time we have!!
So on Tuesday it was a great day!!! We were out visiting and finding referrals in the morning and then in the afternoon we stopped by a house that the ward mission leader had shown to us earlier!! it was a mother of two kids, Joane is her name, and her husband works all the time during the day! Anyway we were over there and she was excited to have us come (which is always a good sign)!!! We were talking to her about her concerns which she had many but we were answering them the best we could!! Some were just little things like why does the bishop bear his testimony of the truthfulness of our church and that it is the only true church on the earth today (that really made her mad) and others like people talking in church and having stake dances in the gym!! We answered to the best of our ability and she understood but she was just having problems with all the noise and how she thought we were disrespecting the church building with the dances. Oh and she thought that every church is true!! it is good because she wanted to speak english, I forgot that fact, and so I could understand and I could participate actually ha ha!!! So anyways we discussed all of it and just mentioned that there is such a place where it is perfectly quiet and you can talk directly to the Lord and not be interrupted!! Of course she liked that fact and wondered where such a place was and we said the temple and said that could be a goal for her and she kind of smiled and was liking that idea!! Also she mentioned that she has been having problems with her husband ( they aren't married though) and getting along, he drinks a lot and doesn't treat her the way women should be treated and she runs away sometimes but always comes back. So we tried to teach her about forgiveness and turning the other cheek!! Of course it is really hard to do that, but she even asked if she should just leave for good and we said she needed to pray and find out for herself!! The best thing she said though is she noticed that when hard times come and she is beginning to wonder if God exists and loves her, the missionaries come!!! Anyway it was a really good lesson and one that I could actually participate and help resolve certain issues!!! it was my first real story so I wanted to tell it!!
But for the rest of the week during certain parts of the day when we are at our house we have been getting the area book taken care of as best as possible so that we can get it going good again. Which has been good!! Also we have found many referrals and been finding out a lot of people are actually just waiting for us to come again so they can get baptized and find out the truth. We are trying our hardest!!! So anyway that’s the update for this week. I will answer questions in the next week’s letter!!! I know this church is true and that it truly is led by a living prophet!!! I know that Jesus is the Christ!!! I love Him for His infinite and loving sacrifice!!! without it we would not be able to return to our Heavenly Father!! I am so glad I am on a mission and can share this message with others!!! I love you all!!! Have another good week and be safe!!! keep me posted!! keep strong!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Strange Week!

A STRANGE WEEK! October 25, 2010

Malo Soifua Tagata Uma!!!! Well this week has been something different that’s for sure!! To start off though pday ended up being a very fun day with volleyball and stuff!! Samoans are very good at volleyball I will tell you that!!! Even the sisters were rocking it with spikes and saves, the only thing is they look like they are effortlessly trying all the time and yet they still do very amazing!!! while I on the other hand along with other palagis are sweating and working so hard to get the ball or anything its crazy and kind of frustrating but I laugh because they laugh ha ha!!!
Well now begins the surprises!! My comp, elder miller, started to have back pain and it was really hurting him Monday night and he started to lose feeling in his arms and stuff!! He said it had happened before but he didn't really explain to me all the details!!! He just started getting dressed and told me the aps were on their way to pick him up!!! It was about 10 at night and I was kind of tired so I had my glasses on, I got dressed and we went and sat out by the road, that’s when he started to tell me about losing feeling in his arms!!! Well while the aps were on their way, we live like twenty minutes from them, he was stressing and having pain pretty bad so I offered to give him a blessing of comfort and so I did. He said he kind of felt better and the pain lessened. Anyway the aps came we took him to the office where the couple missionaries with doctor and nurse training took him to the emergency room and I went and stayed with the aps and another missionary who had a staph infection!! At around five in the morning, the couple missionaries asked for a relief and one of the aps, elder gage, and I went down and sat next to him!! The hospital here is so nuts; it is unsanitary and looks not like how a hospital in America does!! It was crazy; I have never seen anything like it!!! I guess they do with what they have!! The pharmacy was something else too I should have taken pix but I didn't have my camera because of the rush and I had even forgotten my belt!! Anyway the next day Tuesday I sat in on two zone conferences which had the same thing taught at each!!! Oh well I learned some things though ha ha!! the doctors finally got it all figured out that it was kidney stones that he had and with later ultrasounds found he had two to dispose of!!! They told him it could be up to a year before the stones pass, but the pain he was feeling was them moving. So now the next move is when they come out!!! He has to go in every other Monday to see how they are doing to make sure nothing bad happens!! My comp spent from Monday night till Wednesday night doing all of this!!
On Tuesday night for me I went on splits with elder teaupa, the other zl, and elder hayden in their area. It was a great day and I liked it alot!! They helped me too with my Samoan and I sat in on like two lessons and ate at both of their fafagas!! I love the language I am just sick of not understanding it!! Oh well it will come in time as I concentrate and try my hardest!!! My comp and I went back to our area Wednesday night and on Thursday started in our area again!! We had another two candidates for baptism in aleisa 1st ward and so we went and talked with them about it!! A lot of drama happened with those two baptisms and some frustrations from ward and stake leaders were told to us, I didn't understand it in the language but my comp told me the details! But the good thing is we got it all worked out but there probably will be some lingering annoyances and anger toward us until we leave!! All my comp and I care about is that the two getting baptized are ready and will have a good experience and be strong and other things. But things need to happen the Lord's way and we try to emphasize that with the people, but they don't understand fully sometimes!! It’s ok but we will keep moving forward and doing the best we can!!
I had the opportunity to baptize two more people, a couple, on Saturday for two sister missionaries in our zone!! It was a great experience!! I am so glad to be on a mission!! It is a great place to be!!! Church again was a place where I didn't understand much but am still learning!!! I know I’ll get it as I rely on the spirit and do my best!! I know this church is true and that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know that He is our savior and redeemer!! The work will progress, and none can stop it!! I love you all!!! Keep strong!!! Thanks for all the support!!
Alofa, Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, October 18, 2010


MY FIRST BAPTISMS!!!! Oct. 18,2010
Talofa Lava Everybody!!!! How is everyone doing!!! I have so much to say but very little time to say it!!! I am so stoked to be in Samoa!!! It is so great out here and it is also so overwhelming!!! I had my first three baptisms this last Saturday!!! It was crazy! My comp, whose name is Elder Miller, and who was supposed to be his companion, Elder Teaupa, let me baptize the three kids just so I could!! They were really cool about it and everything, I didn't even expect it!! It was so exciting! I got the prayer down and didn't mess up on it but I did accidently not say the little boy’s name on the first one and had to do it again!! They are such cute kids!! There were two girls and one boy!!! Alice Brown and So'olofae Brown were brother and sister, and Sene si'u was a friend!!
These people are so humble and great!! You wouldn't believe where they live and how they live and what they eat!! My comp and I like most of the others live in a little house built on the chapel grounds!! It is really small barely able to fit a bunk bed a desk and a tiny fridge with all our stuff, but it is sufficient since we don't spend too much time there!! But it depends on where a missionary is because some companionships live with families in some wards!! These first few days have been kind of a blur!! I don't understand a thing anyone is saying!! It all blows my mind!! I listen so hard and catch a few words here or there but I can't even comprehend what or who they are talking about!! I love it though, and so do the people!! They think it is so funny and they say random things that only my companion gets and then they all laugh because I have this blank stare on my face!! My comp has been trying to get me involved as much as he remembers and thinks I can which isn't too much right now!! It’s ok though I am learning along the way!! I have born my testimony about five or so times and say about five or so sentences which is ok with me as long as it still works and they understand ha ha!! My comp like I said is Elder Miller and our area is Aleisa!! He just recently became a zone leader and has a car, so we are driving/walking right now!! It is great except I think I am getting fat ha ha no I try to keep it down!!
All the kids are so intrigued with us palagis and how we are so white ha ha except for one kid!! We saw him on Saturday and he went to the church we went to on Sunday but he is deathly afraid of me for some odd reason!! Like on Saturday all I did was smile at him and he started to bawl like crazy!! the parents here(just a side note) just don't care for crying kids, they just swat them or tell them to be quiet and they either continue being ignored or they stop because they know they won't get any sympathy!! It is so different!! But anyways the kid just doesn't like me or is so scared to be around me or something!! My comp smiled at him and he was ok but then I did and he freaked out!! But then the strangest thing is when he was leaving with his family he said "fa" to us which is goodbye and wasn't even told to or forced to ha ha!! It is so strange!!
Church was something else though, it was so different!! The people of Samoa do basically anything during church and no one cares!! They don't just talk but they fan, they walk around, they let their kids walk in and out it is just something else!! And when they sing, they sing loud, very loud!! It blew me away, I couldn't even think or try to carry a tune because I couldn't hear myself!!! We had the confirmations of the three kids and I stood in the circle, first the bishop blessed one, then my companion, then the bishop looked at me said I was next and bowed his head!!! Luckily Elder Miller understood that I probably wouldn't have even confirmed the girl but probably would have said everything wrong so he blessed her too!!!! I was so scared for just a second or two ha ha!! I about had a heart attack!!! It was insane!!!
Well out here in Samoa my stuff apparently is everyone’s stuff because if you leave it out they just take it!!! So when we have some stuff we don't want we just set it outside our house and it is gone by the time we get home!! People check it every day ha ha!!! It is so weird but it is just the Samoan way!!! I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!! My comp is great!! The food is different but good!!! Each ward just sets up who is going to feed the missionaries each time whether in the morning or the night!! Each day we have two fafagas and a family either cooks or gives us money!!! The thing is that they give us quite a bit of money or as much as they save up or can give us!! Sometimes it is quite a bit!! It is so different the way we eat here!! The family cooks a meal but only the head of the house or just us faifeaus eat and everyone else watches and talks to us!! At first it was really awkward . It still is but that is just the way it happens!! They actually cook basically all they can and give us the whole meal but we always leave some so that the other members of the family can eat!! We never could eat it all anyway ha ha!! They care about us so much it blows my mind!! they have their kids sitting right there so they keep the flies off and keep our glasses full of the drink which is mainly koko samoa!! It is actually pretty good!! It is a whole new experience for me!! I wouldn't be anywhere else though!! I love all of you!! I know this church is true!! I can't wait till I can convey it in Samoan and help my comp out!! I know Jesus lives and that He atoned for all our sins!! Joseph smith is a true prophet!! Thanks for all the support and prayers!! I love you all!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Cody is in Samoa!!!!
Cody arrived in Samoa on Wed. Oct. 13th after a very long flight.
After resting for a bit, they attended the temple.
His mission President is Pres. Otto Haleck.
He is so ready to get to work!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I am in His army!!!

I AM IN HIS ARMY!! October 7, 2010

TALOFA Everyone!!!!! How is life?! I am so excited I will be going to Samoa on Tuesday next week!!!! It is so exciting I have been waiting for this for so long!!!! I cannot wait to be in Samoa!!! The language is still hard and we are learning everyday but the learning will almost double in Samoa according to our teachers because we will be absorbed in the culture and language!!! Everyone will be speaking it and I will be hearing it a lot more!! It is so exciting!!! A sad little note our solo sister got reassigned for a short time like 3 or 4 months to the Alabama because of visa problems!!! Sister Fu`e was not very happy but she knew it was for a good purpose and the Lord is involved in it!! We all felt bad for her but we know she will do well where ever she is going!! All of us are still going to Samoa there are no problems there thank goodness ha ha!!!
Wasn't General Conference just amazing!!! It was so awesome to hear the prophet’s voice and listen to him as well from all the other general authorities!!! It was so amazing to hear President Monson start off his talk about missionary work and the need for more missionaries!!! I loved it!! It just inspired me more to be a better missionary!!! All of the talks were good!!! I was able to stay awake the whole time as well!!!! ha ha no it definitely helps to write notes!!! I cannot wait for the next one!! That is amazing!! All of them are inspired men!!! The Prophet especially!! I love them all and will keep their words and apply them to my life!!!
So ya apparently there are 30 missionaries coming home and only ten of us going so that is going to be something new!! That is what my companion found out from his dad who talked with the secretary in the mission home in Samoa!!! We are all wondering if they were sent home or if their mission was complete two years I bet it might be a mix hopefully most are just scheduled to come home next week or something!! So when we land we immediately take off our suit and hang it up for two years in the bat cave (that’s what they call it)!! With our suits we leave one bag so that will probably be my duffle bag with my name on it!! Then at the end of two years we go back and pick everything up and go home ha ha!! No suits for two years!!! It is so crazy we are all so excited to head out and get going in Samoa!!! It is going to be so much fun!!
We are still working hard and almost harder than ever right now as we are leaving!!!! My comp and I are trying to teach lessons even if they are short everyday like 3 or 4 times a day!!! It is definitely helping us with the lessons and getting vocab down and getting more comfortable talking!!! I love this language it is one of the coolest in the world I think!!! It is such a pretty language if I can speak it right!!! The mtc has been a great experience!!! I will never forget it!! I am going to miss my new friends in my district but that is ok I will see a bunch of them again at byu ha ha but also we might be companions in the mission field!!! Oh I forgot we all get to stay together at the mission home the Wednesday night we get there because transfers aren't until Thursday so we get to go to the temple and be shown the ropes a little about stuff that goes on there and all that jazz!!! It will be so much my head could explode ha ha!!!
I love missionary work!! It is so exciting!!! We had a great devotional Tuesday with a speaker who spoke like he was speaking to us!!! It was a great talk to send us off into the mission field!! He talked about the seven key things that make a missionary a successful missionary!!! It was so good!! I know this church is true!!! I know this is God's work!! I am in His Army!! Jesus is the Christ and our Redeemer!!! He atoned for all the sins of the world!!! Joseph Smith is a true prophet and he did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ!!! I know the Book of Mormon is true!! I have read and prayed about it for myself!!! I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on the earth today!!! I love all of you!! Pray for all the missionaries!! We need all of the help!!! Thanks for everything!! Love ya,
Love Elder Cody John Walker

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talofa Everyone!!!

Talofa everyone!!!! What is new? How is the house coming? Any new news about anything or anyone? Hopefully everything is great!!! Well the date to go to Samoa is coming up really soon!!! I can hardly wait!!! It is so exciting, the language is still pretty rough but it is coming!!! It is crazy what we have to do at almost every house!! there is an entrance speech that we give that is like four or five sentences, than when they invite us in, if they say something to the affect to recognize us as faifeau (preacher or missionaries) or say something it gives me the permission to give another speech that my companion will echo or I will echo him!! Then after we ask how the day went or something there is an igoa (name) speech which basically tells how the one who is talking will be the spokesperson for the companionship and introduce the two of them to the family and tell who they are and stuff like that!!! Then if they feed us right before we leave we give a faafetai speech (thank you) and it could last up to ten minutes once we get it down!!! It is so crazy but way cool!!! Our teachers demonstrated it for us and they speak so fast!! A funny thing with the faafetai speech is the head of the house will talk during it telling us to stop or thank you or too much or anything but we just keep going, it is way different but pretty awesome!!!
I am loving the mtc but I really cannot wait for Samoa!!! It will be so exciting!!! So conference is coming up this week and I gotta say I have a whole new perspective on it that is for sure!!! Just from the stuff I have learned while here in the mtc is crazy!! I write down things they say but also what I get impressed to write down!!! It is great to hear from a prophet!! Also to hear from all the other general authorities!!! It’s pretty cool that three from our district will represent us at the priesthood session!! So ya we are beginning to have class in Samoan only!! Starting out small but soon probably from this coming up Tuesday till we leave will be in Samoan!!! It is good for us to hear it but it still is hard to understand what they are saying!! Our teachers say the time will come when we will just start to realize that we are having a conversation in just Samoan like we would be in English!!! I can't wait for that day!!! It is so fun when we have conversations in Samoan and can understand each other!! So we are teaching two people in the te (teaching evaluation) and it is going great, when we can meet with them!!! We had another appointment fall through!!! It is good training I guess but I still want to at least teach the three or four lessons to one person before we leave!!! Oh well at least we will get the first and second lesson down right! ha ha missionary life is so great!!!
We had a speaker talk to us and she told us about how we are hearing so much more without all the technology around us! It is true I feel like I am hearing air all the time ha ha!! No but the spirit is so strong!!! It is awesome!!! I feel it every day!! We watched the Joseph Smith movie again on Sunday and it still amazes me the spirit I feel every time I watch it!!! It is a wonderful feeling and I went to the residence hall and wrote down all I felt in my journal and it was quite a bit!!! I am so grateful and blessed to have the gospel in my life!! I am so blessed to be able to serve a mission for the Lord and to learn a new language as well!!! It may seem like a sacrifice to me but it really isn't!!! It is way more of a blessing!!! I know this church is true with all my heart!! I know Jesus is the Christ!! He did atone for our sins!! He is our savior and Redeemer!! Our advocate with the Father!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God!! I know he saw what he saw and that he did translate the Book of Mormon!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and Another testament of Jesus Christ!!! I know President Monson is a true Prophet on the earth today and holds all the priesthood keys!!! Thanks for everything!! I love all of you!! Ou te Alofa ia te Outou!!!!
Alofa(love) Elder Cody John Walker
ps. thanks for all the letters and packages!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Less than 3 weeks left in the MTC!!!

Talofa!!! How is everyone this week?! Hopefully good!!! Well I didn't make the choir but there is no surprise there ha ha but there were three from our district who were!!! Elder Smith, singing tenor, Elder Tanielu and Elder Johnson both singing baritone!!! But ya they had more experience than me, Elder Smith and Tanielu both sang in a high school choir and Elder Johnson sang in an acappella or however you spell it group!! They are all really talented and I am excited for them to go and sing at the Priesthood Session!!! One really exciting thing that happened this week is the Gym was reopened!!!! We haven’t been able to play basketball for the whole time we have been here and they even have indoor volleyball as well!! It will be so nice on Saturday nights when we have gym really late to be able to play inside!!! There were a couple of elders in my district who have been waiting for the gym for forever!!! They were so excited!! So I am so stoked for Samoa!!! I had a dream last night where we (my district and I) were getting on the plane headed to Samoa!!! When I woke up and realized it was dream I was so mad but ya we have two days less than three weeks left in the mtc!!!! It is blowing my mind!!! The language is still not all here yet but it is still coming ha ha!!! They told us that when we get to Samoa that the language will come twice as fast!! We just get the basics here and can speak in very simple sentences but can speak it!!! It is hard and takes awhile sometimes but I gotta just keep working at it!!!
So dad I hear you are the new mission leader of the ward!! How is that coming? That is such a cool calling and very vital to the missionaries in that area!!! Help them out they need all they can get!!! You will do awesome in it I know for a fact!!! Way to be!! So is the basement getting completed!!! Gotta get it done for the football games ha ha!!! Even though byu isn't looking to hot, I heard about riley nelsen, that stinks for him!!! But oh well that gives Jake heaps a jump start!!! Hopefully they can pick it up so it can still be a good game against tcu and Utah!!
So there is really nothing new to tell ya!! I am racking my brain for something to say besides telling you that we are studying hard and working to get the language down and also learning about the culture!! Oh something I can say that I learned is to lock my stuff up after I am and done using whatever I was using!! apparently in Samoan culture they say that if you leave something out that means that you are offering them to use your stuff and sometimes indefinitely!! They don't consider it stealing it is just the Samoan way!! So I guess that little lock on my suitcase will come in handy!!! My teacher told us that he had some missionaries from Samoan lock their stuff up and warned the palagi missionaries to do the same!!! one story he told us is that there was one area where if the missionaries didn't put their stuff away that there were some kids who just came in the house and would take (borrow) whatever they wanted and most of the time not return it!!! It’s just the way over there everyone shares everything!! he told us even they will come up to you and say all this flattering stuff and then ask for like your watch or ring and you have to say that it is dear to your heart and was a gift to you so you just don't say no!!! It was crazy but it’s definitely something different! ha ha!!
We for sure have a joker and funny guy in our district, Elder Rousseau from Tridell!! He is something else!! He always has a comment for anything someone says or does!!! It is so funny some of the remarks that come out of his mouth!!! there was this one time that elder humble wanted to go to the bookstore yet again(he just wants to go so much almost every day) and he asked our district who wanted to go and we all said that he had been like ten times already that week!!! he denied but we went through and named all the days he had, Rousseau named pday and humble said "that doesn't count that's pday" and without hesitation Rousseau said, "oh your right the book store isn't the book store on pdays!!!" he didn't even crack a smile but the whole room died laughing!!! I was practically crying I was laughing so hard!!! I love it we are just stuck in a room studying and sometimes we just need to laugh and have fun!!! We still get stuff done though!!! But ya it is so fun here in the mtc we make the most out of our stay here!!!
So what is new out there in the world ha ha!! I will be out in Samoa soon but it feels like time has stopped out in the world while I am here in the mtc not knowing anything ha ha!! No I am doing great though!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it with all my heart!!! God is our loving Heavenly Father!! He gave us this opportunity to come and gain a body and become like Him if we are righteous to the end!!! He sent His Son Jesus Christ to the World so that we can be saved!!! I know that through Jesus Christ we can repent of our sins and return to live with our Heavenly Father again someday!!! I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet!!! I know he translated the Book of Mormon!!! I know it to be true!! President Monson is the living Prophet on the earth today!!! I love all of you!! You are all so special to me!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TALOFA!!!! Hey how is everyone doing?? Hopefully just grand!! How is the house coming along? Have ya cleaned up all the mess they leave ha ha Hopefully it’s not too bad!!! Too bad for byu this past week they kind of got their butts kicked just a little bit!! and by air force!! I guess we underestimated them!! ya the whole quarterback thing needs to get fixed and fast!! They need to decide and play who they are going to play!!! oh well I don’t really care until I get back!! well almost! I won’t in Samoa but since I am still right by the campus that isn't totally true!! ha ha but I am still totally focused don't get me wrong but I just don't like us losing!!
So ya it was officially one month last Saturday the 11 and time is sure flying by now!!! I can’t believe I am already past halfway here at the mtc and will be in Samoa in no time!!! It is insane!! The language is still coming but we have a lot more to go!!! Our teachers have sat down with us and we have decided to do a lot more syl (speak your language) during classes and during our meals!!! It is hard but is the best way to learn a language!!! The Samoan language is so awesome and sounds so cool!! I definitely sound palagi and have been told that by the Samoans but they are so cool they help us and are way chill!! I cannot wait to be in that environment for a couple of years!! Our teachers Brother Smith and Brother Sturgess told us they are planning to fly down to Samoa next summer for a couple of weeks or more, that should be exciting!!! They are definitely the right teachers for the Samoan mission. They are way cool and are not like overly strict and annoying!! We are already way good friends and they are only like 3 or some odd years older than us so we can talk to them like we would any other person in our district!! So I am no longer the senior companion but am a junior companion, but two of the elders from our district are the new zone leaders!! Elder Smith and Elder Gschwend! They are good guys and way cool!! We also got our district leader changed to Elder Tanielu who is doing great!!
We have a great district and are all really good friends for the most part!! We may have disagreements or someone may annoy another from time to time but for the most part we get along!! We play volleyball almost every day and it is definitely a good rule to not keep score because we could definitely get way competitive over the score and it wouldn't be as fun!!! The Samoans have been coming and playing with us some days when they should be in class, but they don't care they just come anyway. It is so funny but ya they do what they want!! We definitely go to class and use our mdt wisely but when you are Samoan you do what you want no matter what haha jk but really!! The gym was closed for another two weeks so we still haven’t played inside yet some bball but ya they had some problems with the gym floor so we won’t have the devotionals and firesides in there until like the 28th so ya but its ok I like being outside anyway!!!
My companion and I got a little taste of missionary life by having two appointments fall through in a row, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday! We were all ready for each one but apparently something happened with scheduling or their bosses!! We have this thing where you can sign up with a teacher in this building and they can act like a progressing investigator and we can teach them the lessons!! Not in Samoan but English!! We actually signed up for a Samoan teacher so we can teach her as a progressing investigator in the Samoan language!! It will be difficult but fun at the same time!! But ya the progressing investigators are good practice and we are getting better every day!!!
I love all of you!!! Thanks for the letters and support!!! I know this church is true!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and He paid the ultimate sacrifice for us!! I know God is our loving Heavenly Father!!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God!! I know he translated the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God!!! I know the Book of Mormon to be true and another testament of Jesus Christ!!! I know President Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet!!! Thanks for everything !! I love every single one of you!!! Love your son brother and friend!!!!
Elder Cody John Walker

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Samoan friends

What in the WORLD!?!? You actually made WHITE bread ha ha jk!!! Thank you so much for the package that was some pretty good jam right there!!! It was so good with that white bread!! I shared it with some of my Samoan friends!! They are so cool!! One, elder Lokeni, used to live in American Samoa and is going to my same mission but he moved to Utah and lives in salt lake somewhere but he speaks fluent Samoan! The other, elder Penia doesn’t speak very good English but when he first got here he was almost expected to learn two languages, English and Tagalog!!! His mission is to the Philippines but he came here straight from Samoa to learn the language!!! Now he not only has to learn Tagalog but a little English here and there!! He is way cool and actually gave me an ea or lava-lava as a gift!! The Samoans are so generous and great!!! The last Samoan is the one who I am kind of closest to!!! His name is elder Lameta and he is so awesome!!! He loves my red hair and makes fun of it all the time which doesn’t bother me at all because I know he is kidding ha ha He is so great!! He is going to draw my name in my journal of elders as I like to call it where every elder I meet and get to know , signs their names with a message if they want!! It will be way sweet!! I love it though, talking to them really helps with the language!!
We are cruising now with all the language learning and stuff!!! We are learning so much I can barely handle it all!! It is so hard to learn a language and our stay is basically halfway over!!! I can’t believe it is week four already!!! It blows my mind!!! Time is flying and won’t stop soon I will be out in Samoan speaking the language ha ha!!! Like I said last week, the weeks are basically the same!! wake up, have personal study, go to breakfast, go to class or have mdt, go to gym if it is the right time, go to lunch, go back to class, go to dinner, go back to class, plan, then go to bed!! That is the basic outline of our day except Sunday, pday or when we have devotionals!!! Oh and we do service every Saturday where we clean a building by vacuuming or sweeping or wiping down mirrors and water fountains! I’m not complaining it is still a great experience. I just don't have as much new news or differences between the weeks ha!!!
Oh one thing that was way good is during personal study time they challenged us to have a study journal to write down impressions we get and thoughts that stuck out in our minds about what we are reading, so I took the challenge and bought a bigger journal than the ones you usually get and started to write in it!! Man was it amazing!! I couldn't believe what I learned and what came to me!! Just by rereading the title page and intro to the book of Mormon I wrote a two page insert in my journal with small handwriting as well!!! It blew me away what I learned and what the spirit taught me!!! I love it I want to do it every day now because even if it just a sentence it is a prompting or answer to a question you didn't know you had it was so cool!!!! I challenge all to do it because it will change the way you study!!! I love this gospel and the scriptures!!! They are so inspirational and a definite gift from God and Jesus Christ!!! I am so excited to serve!!
Oh a funny thing our whole district decided to go and sing in the choir for the devotional they had this Tuesday where Elder Snow from the seventy spoke!! it was actually way fun and they handed out these forms to fill out about singing experience and when you would be leaving whether it was after the 3rd or October or not which means......they are having an MTC men's choir for the Saturday Priesthood Conference!!! I filled one out and said how I have sang in church and other things and I guess we will see whether I go or not!! ha ha it would be cool though!!! Well not much else but I did get a haircut and it feels good!! They have a standard cut for every elder to get when you go in but I got it a little switched up so my scar doesn’t show ha ha!!!
I know this church is true!! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he did atone for our sins!!! He is the way and the truth and the light!!! Joseph Smith was a true prophet and he did translate the book of Mormon which is a true and another testament of Jesus Christ!!! We watched the Joseph Smith movie again on Sunday and I feel the spirit every time I watch, testifying of the truthfulness of him being a prophet of God!! I love and miss all of you!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MTC Week 3

Hello everyone!!! How is everything going!!! This week went by so fast and it kind of felt like the week before!! All the weeks are kind of meshing together now ha ha but I am still learning a ton!!! I love it here!!! From last Thursday we had some way cool things told us not only in the devotionals and firesides but also on Sunday with a talk from our branch president (I hope that sentence made sense)! Oh that’s who I forgot to tell you about!! Our branch presidency is President Connors, President Muir, and President Adamson!!! They are all such way cool guys I love em to death!! President Adamson whenever I see him or anyone else in our branch he has to hug them and tells them that he loves em!! It is so awesome!!! But anyway President Connors spoke this past Sunday and in it he told how he was a convert and that when he was about 18 he started to investigate the church. He hadn't moved out yet but his friend who he grew up with gave him a book of Mormon to read when President Connors asked him a question on religion and some questions he was having. His mom walked in on him one day and asked what he was reading and he said "the book of Mormon" and she replied ummm; no you’re not and took it away!! He went back to his friend and he gave him another one and the same situation happened where his mom took it away and didn't give it back!!! This continued through about 19 or so books of Mormon, but he finally finished!! He went in and told his parents he was getting baptized his mom who is usually really loving and calm was cleaning plates by hand and she chucked it across the room at his head!!! She and his dad both said if he did then he would have to move out!!! The day of his baptism he went in dressed up and they told him if he got baptized that afterward if he would forget it all they would let him stay! Of course he said he wouldn't do that so they said well your clothes will be waiting for you on the porch!!! He still went and when he came back he walked inside fully expecting to have to go and pack himself but they were sitting there waiting for him and they asked if he really had been baptized and he said yes and they sat there and finally his dad said well the ox is in the mire I guess you can stay!!! It was an amazing story and I couldn't believe how that could happen but it does and it blows my mind!!!!
So ya our devotional speaker this week was Elder Richard G. Hinckley! It was a way cool devotional and he talked on the 9 ways a missionary can have a successful mission! It was really good to hear and see what I can improve on! I am so grateful for the opportunities to listen to these inspired people!!! We are definitely lucky to be in Utah and just down the road so they don't have to travel far to talk to us!! On Sunday for the weekly fireside we had the missionary coordinating president who oversees all the technicalities and other stuff so the mtc can run smoothly and he gave a talk on keeping focused and a lot of other good things!!!
So the language is coming along just great!!! I love it. I have the purpose memorized in Samoan and I am reading the book of Mormon or TAM in Samoan out loud so I can get talking smoothly!!! We now have a set schedule and our teachers are really great!!! We kid back and forth but also are focused and go to work!!! This week in trc which is where we do a mock proselyting situation and teach, we are supposed to meet someone and "travel" with them to church and talk about commitments all in Samoan for 15 minutes!!! It’s insane but way fun!! Then we will teach lesson two the plan of salvation for the first time!!! It will be something new!! Well like I said we are basically doing the same thing every week!! We have class almost all day and mdt a lot because the teachers can only have 20 hours a week with us while full time in school!! MDT is missionary directed time where you either do language study, lesson study, or personal and companion study!! It is good to have so I can prepare to teach with my companion and gain a better knowledge of what I need to teach and of the scriptures!!!
I am so excited to be here!! I am doing great I got a little runny nose and a small cough but I should be over it in a jiffy!! I love all of you and miss ya but I love being on my mission!!! We had the Fijians in our district leave last Saturday and we have gotten some new Fijians and today we had some new English speaking elders come in!! I know this church is true!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that he atoned for our sins and that only through him we can return and live with our Heavenly Father again!!! Joseph Smith is a true prophet and he translated the book of Mormon!!! It is the word of God and it is true!!! President Monson is a true prophet!!! I love all of you and keep strong!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week Number Two!!

Hey how is everyone doing?!!! Well to start this email off I just have to say that this Tuesday I had an awesome experience!!! Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke to us for our Tuesday night devo!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! The spirit was so strong when he spoke and what he spoke about was so great!!! I wrote at least 4 or so pages of notes for his talk I just could not stop writing!! At the beginning he started saying that he wanted his talk to be like he was speaking to each and every one of us personally!!! Then as he went into it he kept saying to not miss this opportunity to serve!! He said that it only comes once and to give everything you have to the Lord!!! He also said about how the title of the book is Preach MY Gospel not anyone else's that means that you do it how he designed for us to do it and we will be blessed!!! He also said that the title really isn't complete because the scripture continues on saying that we should "preach my gospel by the spirit" Those words are so important as we teach!! He said so much stuff that I can't even write it all!!! I will write a letter with some more quotes from him it was just an amazing experience to have him come and we were actually pretty close!! Oh one more thing he said was to dedicate every minute to the Lord because we are set apart for His work to preach His gospel!!
Well now I will move on to what else has happened this week, from last Thursday I started to play some soccer and it hasn't been too bad except for the fact that I am basically way out of shape and the food here isn't helping with all the sitting around ha ha ya so what is new up north?? how is everyone? I gotta get some news on like byu football and stuff happening. We don't hear anything happening here but that is probably a good thing!! but I still want to here some stuff!! Thanks for the updates mom on what's happening I still haven't received anything from dad or anyone else besides Jason and Rachael and Seneca whats the matter??? ha ha jk everyone is probably busy and I guess I haven't written to anyone myself but all my brothers and sisters should expect a letter from me if not than it got lost in the mail!! ha ha jk but ya so a funny story is we had a fireside on Monday and it was the missionary coordinating president or something his name is President Stephen B. Allen and he spoke on the four phases that a missionary goes through while at the mtc and on the mission. It was really good and I learned a lot but he was telling the story of ammon being offered one of king Lamoni's daughter and he declined and he made an analogy of president Obama offering one of his daughters but than he was like 'well he isn't lds, at least not yet' then he said the funniest thing, he quoted a scripture saying "well I guess in the end every knee shall bow and every tongue confess" then he paused and I busted up laughing i thought it was hilarious but not many others laughed!!!! I couldn't believe it all around me people were just surprised and I thought it was so so funny!! ya I still laugh to this day ha ha!!!! so ya those were our speakers this week.
The language is coming along just fine, slowly but fine it just takes steps ya gotta get vocab down then ya move on to sentence structure and speaking it out loud!! It takes time but we are only two weeks into it!! But this Saturday we have this trc thing where you and your companion teach a discussion to a mock investigator but for the first 15 min you have to say everything in Samoan and then teach the lesson in English!! It sounds pretty hard and it will be but we can do it! I believe in us!!! But ya also with all the studying I am learning so much I can hardly believe it is so awesome here I love it!!! There could not be a single place anywhere else I would want to be!!! I love all of you guys so very much and miss all of you!! I know this gospel is true and that Jesus is the Christ!! He atoned for all the sins of the world that by him and through Him everyone can be saved and return to our loving Heavenly Father!!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated the Book of Mormon or o le tusi a Mamona which is another testament of Jesus Christ!!! I know that President Monson is our prophet today and that he has the power and authority to act in God's name and that he leads and guides us today!!! I love this gospel every single bit of it!!! It is so true and I know that for a fact!!! I am so excited to serve and can't wait for Samoa Keep Strong Everybody!!!
Love Elder Cody John Walker
ps expect a tape sometime this month or the next

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Week!

MALO SOUIFUA!!!!!! Hey how is everyone doing?!! Hopefully all is going well sounds like you guys are keeping busy!! As for me i am almost exhausted everyday both physically and spiritually!! It an awesome experience here in the MTC!!! I love it! Thanks for all the DearElders mom you are great ha ha!! Ya thursday is our pday so don't expect email till then and mail can only be sent today as well! I am alive and surviving ha ha! My first companion's name is Elder Nilsen and he is from denver, colorado! He went to usu this past year and played on the college lacrosse team he is way cool!! My district is definitely the best around ha ha we have the coolest elders and we even have a solo sister in our group! There our eleven of us total all learning samoan and all going to samoa except for the solo sister, Sister Fu'e is going to the Aukland New Zealan mission samoan speaking! The names of the elders in our district are Elder Smith and Elder Gschwend, Elder Rodgers and Elder Johnson, Elder Payne and Elder Rousseau, and Elder Tanielu and Elder Humble (these last two are my other roommates)!! We all have already formed a really close bond and we are already good friends!!! Now to answering some of your questions... First of all yes i have seen cory and it was a very pleasant meeting! It was the drop off day and i was walking with my comp to the next meeting and all of the sudden i heard his fast footsteps and i turned and he like jumped kicked me in the stomach then hugged me!!! It was nuts ha ha!!! :) i was so surprised it was like not even an hour or so since i had been there and i see him first ha ha!! I have seen so many college people and also other vernal people here it is crazy!! all of the elders in my district make fun of how many people i know!! i think they are just jealous ha ha jk but ya i have seen cory only one other time we have different eating times and stuff but probably every sunday i might see him on the temple walk we get to do every week!!! Ya the food wow it is definitely not the best but it is still pretty good! since i have been here i think i have gained almost ten or so pounds!!! it is nuts! i feel so fat ha ha! but ya also with gym time the inside gym is closed till the end of august to put in new bleachers but thats ok i like being outside, but no one wants to play soccer!! it really stinks! they only think volleyball is the only fun thing to do so it is like 7 on 1 because i can convice some but not all ha ha!! they are just so indicicive jk but really! today we are going to do a session in the temple at around 3 or so so that should be good!! we have already locked ourselves out of our room once already but we got a key and its all good! the language wow..... it is something else i can say some stuff already but for only a week we are doing pretty good!!! there are some pretty neat rules like there cant be two constanants together in a word and every word has to end in a vowel!!! ya the vocab is kind of hard to remember!! the second to last vowel in most words has to be said more profound... i guess i can't really think of the word but ya and any "g" in a word is pronounced like the ending of the word "song" with the "n" in front it is just really hard to get right but ill get it eventually!! we have only had one general authourity Elder Walter F. Gonzalez from the presidency of the seventy!! he did a way good job i loved it! we have a devotional every tuesday and a fireside every sunday night!! I love listening to them they know so much and it is just so awesome!!! i have learned so many things i cannot even say it all!! PMG is so important in missionary work! we study out of it everyday and take it to almost every meeting!! i started over in the book of mormon and have learned like twice as many things as before already!!! you only get 30 min on the computer email so i gotta hurry i only have six minutes left!!! umm.... thanks again for all the letters and thanks jason for the emails!! I love all of you!! I know this is the only one and true gospel!!! Jesus is the Christ and he Atoned for our sins and that he knows our troubles and will answer our prayers!! Pray has a whole new meaning on the mission!! In class Sister Fu'e pointed something out that everytime in the temple when they say the prayer they pray for the missionaries worldwide and that is so sweet and awesome!!! that right there just got to me!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated the book of Mormon!!! President Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today and he receives modern day revalation!!! I love all of you and i will write a letter with more stuff in it home today!! thanks for everything i was definitely raised in a grand family!!! Hope the house comes along great keep me updated!!! Have a great week and ill talk to ya later
Love your son, brother, and friend
Elder Cody John Walker

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Went Through the Temple!

Cody with his parents after going through the Bountiful, UT Temple